Slot machines are powered by RNG, RTP, and variance rates. Is there, then, a scientific method to winning at online slot Slotified machines? Actually, no…

Maths has long been employed by blackjack and poker players to give them an edge over the house and other players. Do similar mathematical tactics work to beat the slots in a casino?

To answer the question of whether or not using mathematical strategies can help a player win money at slots, we examine the connection between slots and mathematics in depth. Is it possible to make a living from slot machine winnings if there is a mathematical strategy for doing so?

Can Maths Be Used to Win at Online Slot Machines?

There is no foolproof method to increase your chances of winning the slot machine jackpot or the maximum payment. Players mistakenly believe that they can manipulate the outcomes of virtual slot machines in the same way that they can with physical ones. However, there is no loophole in any of the slot machine software that would allow a player to manipulate the random number generator.

Only by penetrating the site of the software provider and operator would hackers be able to alter the random number generator and thus the outcome of an online slot game. The only option for them to generate money off of the compromised online slot is to have a casino host it.

In contrast, if you know how the gears of an online slot game turn, you’ll have a better chance of cashing in on your wagers. You can develop a betting plan to slightly tilt the odds in your favour if you know how much a slot machine typically pays out and how much each win is. One of the secrets to winning at the casino is doing this.

Concepts Central to Slot Machine Mathematics

To help you better understand how online slot machines work, we’ve dissected four key algorithmic features.

Random Number Generators

A random outcome is generated whenever a coin is flipped or dice are rolled. How does an online slot machine generate a random outcome and choose which symbols to use for each spin? The outcome of a spin in both physical and virtual slot machines is determined by a random number generator (RNG) method.

Keep in mind that the RNG of a coin toss or dice roll cannot be recreated with a simple 50/50 or 1 in 6 formula. Entropy is important to think about in the actual world because numerous things, such as wind speed, surface tension, and force input, can impact the outcome of a physical RNG.

The PRNG used in online slots runs a seed or value through a complicated algorithm to generate a range of really random outcomes. The system clock of the machine operating the online slots is just one example of a physical event that can generate a seed.

Payout Percentage to Players or RTP

The return-to-player (RTP) rate is the one mathematical notion that every player is interested in learning about. A player’s expected return during a long session at a particular slot machine is calculated using this information.

As an example, the house has a 1.4% edge on Thunderkick’s 1429 Uncharted Seas slot machine despite the game’s high RTP of 98.6%. For every $100 gambled, approximately $98 can be won. Players have a better chance of winning thanks to the game’s various features, such as growing wilds and the chance to win up to 100 free spins.

A Slot Machine Return-to-Player Formula

The Return to Player (RTP) is a metric used to determine the probability that a player will win money while playing a game. If you play 1429 Uncharted Seas for a long time and invest $100, you can expect to make a $98 profit.


All online slot machines have different payout percentages. Some slot machines have a history of frequent victories with a relatively modest payoff. Some slot machines pay out as much as three or four times your wager, but they don’t award many winners. The variance of an online slot machine game is a statistical measure of its inherent risk.

The odds of winning and getting paid out at the majority of online slots are about average. High-variance slots are known for their life-changing progressive jackpots that can amount to millions of dollars, but winning one is extremely unlikely. Slots with a low variance factor encourage players to keep wagering by promising frequent, smaller wins. At the same time, the top-paying slot machines online are the ones with the biggest variance.

Slot variance allows developers to appeal to a wider variety of gamblers with their games. Low-volatility slots are preferred by those who are unwilling to risk significant sums of money in pursuit of smaller prizes, while high-variance games are ideal for those who love taking risks.

Rate of Success

How often did you hit a winning combination on the slot machine during your last session? 10? 50? The percentage of successful spins relative to unsuccessful spins is the slot’s Hit Frequency.

Since the measurement is primarily concerned with the frequency of winners, this information should not be interpreted as the RTP. Some slot machines have a high hit frequency but have a poor payout percentage. The same strike rate with a variety of prizes that double or triple your wager may also apply to other slot machines.

The hit frequency of a slot machine can be calculated by tallying all the possible payouts from a single spin. Think about the different symbols and pay lines that a slot machine offers. Slot machines that award prizes for both left-to-right and right-to-left matching should have their pay lines multiplied by two. The hit frequency of a slot machine can be calculated by adding up all the possible winning combinations.

Is It Possible to Deceive Any of the Above?

Direct methods that directly manipulate the online programme itself are one way that cheating can be accomplished. To alter the random number generator and win money playing online slots, cheaters require access to a specific game hosted by a live casino. While this strategy may have succeeded in the late ’90s before the widespread adoption of sophisticated Internet security measures, modern online casino platforms make it impossible to cheat in this way.

It is also possible to cheat using gaming bots or software that analyses RNG patterns in each slot machine. When a seed is generated with high payoff outcomes, a bot that has been trained to recognise this pattern will automatically spin the reels. Unfortunately for cheaters, every legal online casino site employs AI technology to analyse player activity to identify any suspect or automated betting.

Ultimately, it is impossible to manipulate a slot machine’s random number generator and return to player percentage, variance, or hit frequency in a way that would be advantageous to the player. The four mathematical data for each slot machine can still be used to develop a winning strategy. To maximise your winnings, you may, for instance, spend heavily on machines with a medium variance but high hit frequency. In contrast to card games like blackjack and poker, if you were to figure out how to defeat the algorithms behind slot machines, you’d wind up earning so much money that the casino would kick you out.

Math cannot be utilised to build a formula that allows one to win the progressive jackpot or receive extremely large payouts regularly. If you understand the logic behind a slot machine, you’ll have a higher chance of making money off of your wagers.¬† We truly hope this does not dampen your enthusiasm for playing your favourite online Slotified slot game.

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