Discovering quality websites that offer free music is not a difficult task; however, the challenge lies in identifying those that provide legal download options. This consideration is paramount to ensure adherence to legal standards and respect for copyright regulations.

An extensive evaluation has been conducted on a multitude of sites that facilitate the downloading of songs. After thorough scrutiny, fifteen standout sites have emerged where music enthusiasts can legally obtain tracks. The selections range from pieces that have entered the public domain to tracks uploaded with the explicit consent of the artists for distribution. These sites are a treasure trove for those in pursuit of both popular hits and undiscovered musical delights.

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Free Music Resource Library

The Free Music Archive is an exceptional online platform offering a vast selection of over 100,000 music tracks. It is tailored to meet various user needs with its advanced search functionality, allowing listeners to identify instrumental-only options, filter by track length, and specific music licensing types.

Listeners are privy to a variety of categories, spanning across blues, jazz, pop, and international music, amongst others. The inclusion of experimental and novelty genres further diversifies the musical offerings. A standout feature is the streaming capability, which enables users to preview music before committing to a download.

Users should note that the platform requires the creation of an account to access its free downloads, and music files are exclusively available in MP3 format. The website also uniquely sorts music, presenting listeners with charts highlighting evergreen favourites and trending tracks by week and month.

The Free Music Archive goes beyond conventional offerings with its ‘artist shuffle’, a feature designed to expose users to an eclectic mix of random tracks that might otherwise go undiscovered. Furthermore, its search filters are sophisticated enough to segregate music by usage rights, including a selection of public domain music, tracks sanctioned for commercial application, and pieces suitable for remixing or video projects.

Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music provides a broad array of music tracks for both download and streaming, exclusively in MP3 format. Users can freely access these tracks thanks to Creative Commons licences, which means the artists have willingly made their work available at no cost. The platform offers various means to explore music, including most popular tracks, trending songs, and updates on new arrivals through the ‘latest’ sorting feature.

Listeners can also use the platform’s online radio, featuring stations such as Cool Instrumentals, Time to Dream, and Fresh & New, for music discovery. Upon finding a favoured artist or song, there’s the convenience of downloading either a single track or a full album. Although the music is not in high-definition quality, the availability of a mobile application enhances accessibility, allowing users to enjoy music on the move.

The website necessitates a straightforward registration process, which is free of charge, to enable downloads and access personalisation features. For those who prefer streaming over downloading, Jamendo Music caters to this preference as well. However, it’s important to note that all music is only provided in MP3 format, without alternative audio formats available.

Online streamingMobile appMP3 format only
Online radioAccount creationNon-HD quality downloads
Music discoveryFree accessUser account required


Pixabay excels in providing a vast array of public domain images, but its selection of free song downloads is equally impressive, boasting tens of thousands of tracks. The site’s straightforward interface allows users to stream tracks before downloading, ensuring a suitable choice for projects. With an array of categorisations—such as beats, relaxing, and energetic—Pixabay simplifies the search process for users.

Users can sort through the music library by trending status, recent additions, or Editor’s Choices. The ability to search using keywords enhances the user experience further. Pixabay offers a comprehensive set of filters, including genre, mood, movement, duration, and theme, allowing for a finely-tuned search. This means that one can easily discover the perfect track for a variety of projects, from podcasts to music videos and films.

  • Instant Access: Download tracks immediately, no account needed.
  • Audio Collection: Offers an array of free sound effects.
  • Music Variety: Exclusively instrumental tracks for diverse uses.


At its core, SoundClick presents a platform where a multitude of music genres are available for exploration. A unique feature is its price filter, allowing users to streamline their search to include exclusively complimentary tracks. This service caters to both established and independent artists, offering a space for them to share their musical creations without charge.

Users have the ability to peruse various music charts and categories to find tracks for online listening or downloading. Besides direct downloads, the platform enables personalised radio station creation, participatory forums, and provides insights into the favourite artists of users.

Whilst there is an abundance of music for no cost, some musicians stipulate a fee for downloads, while others restrict their offerings to streaming. The amalgamation of paid and free music could potentially confuse users, yet SoundClick addresses this by incorporating a pricing filter. This facilitates the discovery of cost-free music by filtering out the fee-based options.

For those keen on acquiring music from SoundClick, the process is straightforward; however, account creation is a prerequisite for full access to the services. This might include song downloading and engaging with the wider community on discussion forums.

The site operates within the bounds of fair use, respecting the rights of artists through Creative Commons licenses, ensuring both the sharing of free music and the protection of the creator’s rights.

YouTube Studio

YouTube Studio offers a vast array of royalty-free tunes and sound effects specifically for use in videos on the platform. These audio tracks are safe to use without the risk of copyright infringement. The library is frequently updated with new additions every fortnight, ensuring content creators have access to fresh sounds.

  • Account Requirement: Accessible with a YouTube account.
  • Music Library: Over 500 tracks available for download.
  • No Attribution Needed: Tracks available that do not require crediting the artist.
  • Search Functionality: Advanced filtering options to search by track length, mood, or music genre.

This tool enables video makers to seamlessly integrate music into their projects, tailoring the ambiance to the desired mood or theme.

Digital Repository for Audio Collections

The Internet Archive presents a vast selection of audio content, which is readily available for free download. It boasts an impressive collection, including music tracks, podcasts, radio shows, and, of particular note, the Live Music Archive. This collection is unique in its offering of a plethora of rare and diverse musical selections.

Users can browse this repository through multiple methods, with the ability to sort by metrics such as viewer count, title, publication date, or creator. Additionally, filters can be applied to narrow down searches by media type, such as concerts or audio-only files, as well as by topics and subjects like rock or funk. Moreover, language-specific filtering is available.

Despite its comprehensive array, Internet Archive’s user interface can sometimes be overwhelming when trying to locate specific content. Contrasting with more streamlined websites, users might find the depth of folders challenging to navigate.

On the upside, the platform allows music to be downloaded in various file formats, including common ones like MP3 and less common ones like OGG. There is no requirement for users to create an account before downloading content. However, the site does undergo frequent updates, which may result in the removal of numerous listings, and some of the music offered may be of lower quality compared to other websites. Navigating Music Downloads offers a selection of free music downloads spanning various genres. Users can effortlessly acquire MP3 tracks with a simple click, without the need to create an account or navigate through pop-up advertisements, which streamlines the process of adding music to one’s offline collection.

Listeners have the added advantage of streaming songs and receiving personalised band recommendations. However, the platform’s free music selection is somewhat limited, and users may find it challenging to navigate the choices as there is no functionality to filter or organise the list based on parameters such as release date or musical genre. Despite these limitations, remains a user-friendly resource for those looking to quickly download music.

Features of
Easy MP3 DownloadsUsers can directly download songs with a single click.
No Account NeededDownloading does not require a user account.
Music StreamingSongs can be listened to online with streaming options.
Personal RecommendationsThe platform offers suggestions for new bands to discover.

Unfortunately, for those seeking an extensive catalogue or specific search capabilities,’s offering of a few hundred tracks may prove inadequate, and the absence of advanced search filters may necessitate manual browsing through the available music.

Bandcamp: An Overview

Bandcamp stands out as a progressive platform for music distribution, supporting a model where artists can set their own prices. This innovative structure empowers both creators and consumers by offering the freedom to specify a payment amount for music downloads, even allowing for the option to acquire tracks at no cost.

The platform’s Discover page serves as a gateway to a wide selection of music. It showcases top-selling tracks, fresh releases, and recommendations direct from the artists themselves. It hosts a diverse array of file types, catering to various preferences, which include MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and WAV formats.

Full albums sometimes come without a fixed minimum price, presenting the opportunity to obtain entire collections freely— a notable feature that music enthusiasts appreciate. Moreover, the absence of a mandatory user account enhances accessibility, allowing anyone to explore and download music with ease.

Locating free tracks on Bandcamp can present a minor obstacle, yet the dedicated “name your price” section of the website provides a useful starting point for finding complimentary music. The platform indeed reflects a modern approach to music distribution, favouring flexibility and user experience.

SoundCloud: A Platform for Music Enthusiasts

SoundCloud stands out as a versatile platform offering a wealth of tracks, enabling streaming before opting for downloads. It draws in both seasoned and emerging artists, broadening its diverse collection. However, users must create an account to tap into its full features, and sieving through for free music can prove to be a challenge.

Features to Note:

  • Rich assortment of music
  • Streamlining tracks is possible
  • Download feature available for select music

Navigational Tips:

  • A ‘Download’ button may be present for direct downloads
  • Some tracks may necessitate social media interaction

One effective strategy to discover free musical treasures on SoundCloud is to explore the Creative Commons sector or to look for tracks explicitly tagged as free. Nonetheless, careful exploration outside these zones can yield additional downloadable music without cost. SoundCloud, thus, serves as a notable resource for users in pursuit of fresh and varied music.


Bensound stands out as a superior choice for sourcing royalty-free music, particularly suitable for YouTube content and various creative projects. The platform simplifies the acquisition process, allowing immediate downloads without the necessity of creating an account. This feature ensures a seamless and swift user experience.

Key Advantages

  • Instant Accessibility: Downloads commence in mere moments without the prerequisite of account registration.
  • Visibility of Free Content: Tracks that are cost-free are visibly labelled, providing transparency.

Considerations for Use

  • Mandatory Credit: Usage of the complimentary music selection mandates proper credit to the creator.
  • Limited Array: The scope of available tracks is comparatively narrow.

Bensound also accommodates those looking to employ music without the requirement to attribute. In such instances, various subscription plans are at one’s disposal. Users can filter the available tracks by numerous characteristics such as genre, mood, and duration, catering to a diverse range of auditory preferences. A tailored ‘Free Music Only’ filter distinctly separates gratis options, facilitating a user-friendly browsing experience.


BeatStars simplifies the discovery of complimentary tracks by aggregating all free downloads in one location. With a diverse range of genres and a selection of tracks to match various moods, such as relaxed, lackadaisical, motivating, and whimsical, users can tailor their search to their current state of mind. The platform also offers sorting options to highlight recent additions and filtering tools to narrow selections by musical key, instrumentation, beats per minute (BPM), length, and intensity—ranging from subdued to highly energetic.

Whilst obtaining some tracks from BeatStars is straightforward, certain free downloads necessitate interaction with the artist. Prospective listeners may be required to subscribe to the artist’s page or follow them on their social media platform to access a download link. Alternatively, some artists request an email address in exchange for the music. This slight extra step is a fair trade-off for free access to a wide array of beats, considering the simplicity and minimal effort required to accomplish these tasks.

To start downloading your chosen beat, navigate to the appropriate section on the BeatStars platform.

Features of Audiomack

Audiomack presents itself as a user-friendly music streaming service, where one can discover and enjoy a wide range of tracks without the requirement of an account. The platform provides a straightforward means to navigate a diverse collection of music that includes several genres such as Afrobeat, reggae, gospel, pop, hip-hop/rap, and various forms of instrumental.

  • Streaming Access: Users have the capability to stream all songs available on the platform.
  • Music Discovery: It features a variety of sections such as Trending, Top Songs, and Recently Added to assist in the exploration of new music.
  • No Account Necessary: Downloads are available without creating an account for many of the tracks.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Dedicated mobile applications are available for both Android and iOS devices to facilitate music streaming on-the-go.

Music aficionados looking for fresh tunes can benefit from the mood categorisation that Audiomack offers. Music suitable for various activities and emotions, including party playlists, workout beats, or tracks for relaxation, inspiration, and uplifting spirits, can be found.

However, it is important to be aware that not all tracks are available for download and the site doesn’t provide a focused feature to isolate free downloads exclusively. Users typically encounter music files in MP3 format when downloading is possible.

For those accustomed to SoundCloud and on the hunt for new musical discoveries, Audiomack could serve as a reliable alternative, providing both streaming and download options for a legal and free listening experience.

Musopen: A Trove of Classical Treasures


  • Entirely cost-free music and sheet music available for download.
  • Versatile search options for finding music: by composer, performer, or instrument.
  • Features include playing music previews and streaming an online radio service.


  • Downloads necessitate a registered account.
  • Daily limits on the number of downloads for non-paying users.
  • Standard audio quality as opposed to high-definition.
  • Website may display numerous advertisements.

Musopen serves as a valuable resource for aficionados of classical music, offering a broad collection of music pieces and sheet music which are in the public domain and free from copyright restrictions. Users have the ability to enjoy a wide selection through streaming directly on the website or via a dedicated mobile application.

Access to music is facilitated by a variety of means including searching by specific criteria such as the time period, composition form, or manually for specific pieces. Moreover, the discovery tool is particularly useful, offering filters by mood (e.g., sombre or calming), instrument selection, piece length, and licensing type, to ensure the music meets the user’s needs.

Pre-listening to tracks is possible without an account. However, downloading any music requires signing up. Furthermore, standard accounts face a limitation of five downloads per day, and the audio files are not available in high-definition quality. The presence of ads on the website might detract from user experience.

Amazon’s Music Downloads offers a considerable selection of music tracks available for download. Customers appreciate the ability to organise their search and apply filters to access specific results more conveniently. The option to listen to a snippet of a song prior to downloading it enables informed choices.

Yet, there are elements that could be improved. The steps required to download music can be somewhat intricate, often necessitating users to sign in to their Amazon accounts. There’s also a note of caution as not all tracks listed are available for free download. Another point of criticism is the appearance of advertisements for unrelated products amidst the search results for music.

To download a track, one must add it to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout, akin to purchasing a tangible item. Post-purchase, a download link becomes accessible, and the transaction is recorded under the Digital Orders section of the user’s account history.

- **Ease of Navigation**: Users can filter and sort music effectively. - **Previews Available**: Tracks can be auditioned before downloading. - **Login Requirement**: Accessing downloads requires an Amazon account. - **Mixed Content**: Non-music advertisements may clutter the search results. - **Process**: Downloading music mimics the physical product checkout process. 

ReverbNation Highlights

  • Streaming Availability: All tracks are streamable directly within your browser.
  • Emerging Artists: An excellent resource to discover new and emerging talent.
  • Genre-based Search: Navigation aids in finding music downloads by genre.
  • Account Requirements: Some tracks require a user account for downloading.
  • Free Downloads: While streaming is unrestricted, not all music is free to download; look for the download icon next to tracks.

Exploring ReverbNation offers a gateway to uncover music from artists potentially on the rise. Though not all content on the platform is available for free download, the site allows users to stream songs fully. For those seeking new musical experiences, the Discover page presents a curated starting point. ReverbNation requires users to sign up for an account to access certain downloads, adding a layer of engagement between the platform and its audience.