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Welcome to Scouted.co.za, where we embark on a journey of discovery through the world of lifestyle. Our mission is to uncover the extraordinary in the ordinary, shining a spotlight on noteworthy individuals, innovative companies, and captivating stories that make life richer and more exciting.

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Celebrating the Unconventional: At Scouted.co.za, our mission is to celebrate the unconventional, the unique, and the extraordinary that often goes unnoticed. We believe that there’s a world of hidden treasures waiting to be explored right in front of us.

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Exploration: We’re not your typical lifestyle blog. We’re explorers, seeking out the most intriguing stories, innovative companies, and remarkable individuals that shape the world around us.

Curiosity: Our relentless curiosity drives us to dig deeper, uncovering the stories and experiences that captivate and inspire our readers.

Engaging Stories: From unique personal experiences to the tales of local heroes, our commitment to engaging storytelling keeps you hooked from start to finish.

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Introducing Liam van Zyl, an adventurous and resourceful blogger who always manages to find the most intriguing stories hidden in plain sight. Growing up in Durban, Liam developed a knack for uncovering hidden treasures and discovering the next big thing before anyone else. His blog, Scouted, takes readers on a thrilling journey, exploring noteworthy individuals, companies, and innovations. From unique personal experiences to fascinating stories of local heroes, Liam’s captivating writing style and relentless curiosity will keep you hooked from start to finish.